GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price



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GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price
GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price

GMP Factory supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE with reasonable price

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Supply high quality CAS 9025-49-4 PROTEASE 



Proteases are a general term for a class of enzymes that hydrolyze protein peptide chains. It is divided into two types, endopeptidase and terminal peptidase, according to the way in which the polypeptide is degraded. The former can cut the large molecular weight polypeptide chain from the middle to form the smaller molecular weight lanthanum and cerium; the latter can be divided into carboxypeptidase and aminopeptidase, which respectively separate the peptide from the free carboxy terminal or free amino terminal of the polypeptide.

Funcation of food grade additives acid protease:

1. In fuel ethanol industry, acid protease can help for improving saccharifying performace and increasing alcohol yield by breaking granulose-stromal cell wall structure. Such hydrolysis would produce large amount of free α-amino nitrogen, which could provide sufficient nitrogen source for microzyme, and further advance the growth and the reproduction of yeast, increase microzyme concentration, enhance fermentation rate and shorten fermentation period, and promote the production capacity of fermentation equipments.

2. In food industry: As starch modifier, used in the production of bread, cake and sausage to improve the flavor and quality. Used in soy sauce production to increase amino acid content and used in beer to replace papain and bromelain.

3. In beer industry: can clock the formation of diacetyl and shorten beer maturity.

4. In feed industry: Accelerate proteolysis, increase feed utilization, reduce production cost.

5. In fur industry: increase fur surface gloss, raise degree of dyeing and full in touch.

Application of food grade additives acid protease:


1. Pine bark extract applied in pharmaceutical field, proanthocyanidins has better effect on the treatment of cardiovascular disease;


2. Applied in health products field , it's made into capsule.It has already become one of the ten salable natural plant extract products and owns the reputation of"natural health care product" and"orally cosmetics" in America;

3. Applied in food field, it can be used as food supplement;


4.Applied in cosmetic field, as the effective factor it was made into aqua or ointment cosmetics, which has the effect of firming skin, anti-wrinkle, and curing freckle.

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Product Name:PROTEASE
Synonyms:ASPERGILLOPEPTIDASE MOLSIN;PROTEINASE 2A;NEWLASE;NAGARASE;Acidprotease-aspergillus;proteasetypexiiifungal;Proteinase,Aspergillusacid;Proteinase from Aspergillus niger
Product Categories:3.4.x.x Peptidases;3.x.x.x Hydrolases;Application Index;Proteases&Protein Sequencing;ProteasesEnzymes, Inhibitors, and Substrates;Proteolytic Enzymes and Substrates;Proteolytic EnzymesEnzyme Class Index;Brown liquid
Mol File:Mol File


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1. Improve metabolic energy utilization rate of meal like raw material soybean meal, cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal, reduce chyme viscosity, improve animal production performance and increase feed/gain ratio. 

2. Completely degrade oligosaccharide of meal like raw materials, reduce nutrients residue in chyme, and increase nutrient utilization rate.

3. Eliminate flatulence, diarrhea of mono-gastric animals, deal to digestive disorders caused by oligosaccharide.

4. Ease or avoid alimentary apparatus compensatory hyperplasia, reduce animal maintenance requirements, improve feed energy valence.



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