High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil



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High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil
High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil

High quality best price mugwort oil/mugwort essential oil

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Mugwort(Artemesia Vulgaris) has quite a history in many countries. Used as a magical herb during Middle Ages,  Mugwort is also used nowadays as an ingredient for many japanese, korean or chinese dishes.

Mugwort is a plant that grows in Europe, Asia, and British isles. Other commonly used names for this herb include felon herb, naughty man, chrysanthemum weed, old uncle henry, and wild wormwood. 

Since it was used by sailors instead of tobacco, it was also known as sailor’s tobacco. The edible parts of this herb are its leaves and roots.









Faint yellow to greenish yellow clear liquid


a fresh, antiseptic and medicinal scent

Specify Gravity


Refractive Index


Optical Rotation



Easily soluble in ethanol


thujone>60%, volatile oil >99%





1.In culinary, walnut oil is not that extensively used due to its high cost. It has a soft and delicate aroma, which is also a little bit nutty. Walnut oil is not preferred for high temperature cooking as excessive heating can cause slight bitterness and also lead to the loss of the oil's fragrance. So, it is better to use it as salad dressing.

2.Walnut oil had been widely used by painters during the Renaissance period because of its ability to dry quickly. It is owing to this quality that it was used as an excellent oil paint thinner and brush cleaner. However, compared to linseed oil, the paint layer produced by this oil is considered to be of inferior quality. Walnut oil is not used to a large extent for commercial purposes, since it becomes rancid pretty fast, if not properly maintained. For aesthetic appeal, artists now go for linseed oil, poppy seed oil, and safflower oil.

3.Walnut oil, used in combination with other essentialMagical Or Amazing Benefits for Walnut Essential Oil

oils, provides a soothing and refreshing feel when used for body massage. Its nourishing and quick drying properties make it most suitable for body massage. It is very popular in aromatherapy as it leaves behind a lasting silky and moisturizing effect on the body. It is because of its moisturizing properties, the oil is used as a key ingredient in many anti-ageing creams and lotions. Apart from this, the oil is widely used to treat several skin diseases like eczema, warts, psoriasis and fungal infections.

According to various studies, walnut oil is a rich source of antioxidants, which can be helpful in acting against a variety of cancerous cells. In addition, walnut oil is rich in manganese, copper and melatonin, which are essential for maintaining proper body regulation. This oil also helps in lowering the level of endothelin, which is a chemical substance that assists the formation of blockages in arteries. Thus, by Magical Or Amazing Benefits for Walnut Essential Oil

including walnut oil in your diet you can enjoy a healthy heart.

 4.Walnut oil is rich in vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acid, selenium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and magnesium, which makes it a complete health oil. In addition to its several beauty and health benefits, the oil, when used in preparing foods, adds a delicate flavor, which enhances the taste and aroma. So, despite the high cost of this oil, it makes good sense to include this oil in your daily regime, if not for anything than as a health investment


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