Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !



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Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !
Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !

Manufacturers supply high quality Sorbitol powder with reasonable price !

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Product Description


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Basic Information

Basic Information.png The CAS number: 50-70-4

Molecular formula: C6H14O6.

Molecular weight: 182.17.

EINECS no. : 200-200-5

AppearanceColourless, syrupy liquid
Dry substance   %69--71
Water content       %29--31
Refractive index(20℃)1.4575--1.4620
D-Sorbitol  (as dry substance)%50 Min
Specific gravity(20℃)g/ml1.285--1.315
Resistivity     µs/cm10 Max
Reducing sugars   %0.15 Max
Total sugars         %4.0-8.0
Ignition Residue0.10 Max
Nickel    mg/kg1.0 Max
Chloride      mg/kg10 Max
Sulphate      mg/kg50 Max
Heavy metals(as Pb) mg/kg1.0 Max
Arsenic(as As2O3) mg/kg1.0 Max
Total Plant Count cfu/g100 Max
Resist experiment-18℃  48h Non-crystal





1. Used as food humidifier, preservative, antioxidant, cosmetics raw materials, cigarette, toothpaste moisturizer, vitamin C, adhesive materials and diuretic and bile medicine.

2. Pharmaceutical grade is used for dispensing injection, large infusion solution and oral infusion, and food grade is used for chewing gum, sugar-free candy, etc.

3. Used as biochemical reagent, thickener and hardener, also used in resin and plastic synthesis.

4. Biochemical research, acid and base titration of boric acid, preparation of sorbic acid and vitamin C.

5. It is a special sweetener with moisturizing function. It is not converted into glucose in human body and is not controlled by insulin. It is suitable for diabetics. The product also has the effect of thickening and chelating. At present, our country is mainly used in the production of toothpaste and the pharmaceutical industry, which is not used in the food industry, and it can be used for cakes, with the maximum use of 5.0g/kg. The maximum use is 0.5g/kg in minced fish and its products. It can also be used as a defoaming agent, which can be used in sugar processing, brewing process and bean products. It can also be used to moisturize raisins, to thicken and protect the wine and cool drinks, as well as candy and chewing gum.

Sweeteners; 6. Moisturizers (mainly for diabetes, liver disease, cholecystitis, etc.); Chelating agent; Tissue improver (for example, to make the cake tissue delicate and prevent starch from aging); Synthetic materials of vitamin C; Glycerine substitutes. The drink has the effect of masking the bitter taste of the sugar and thickening the sweetness. EEC is used for chocolate, confectionery, ice cream and edible pigment thinner. Efficacy jam; Cake preparation powder; Paste, etc.

Used as an intermediate for vitamin C.

8. It can be used to wash the protoplasm ball and reduce the inner seepage flow in agarose gel as much as possible in isoelectric focusing. Can be used to induce osmotic stress.

Sweeteners; Moisturizing factor; Chelating agent; Tissue improver; Sucrose substitutes (for candy, etc.). Also for the production of sorbitol, vitamin C and other raw materials; Vitamin and other nutrients diluent; Glycerine substitutes.

10. Widely used in the food industry. Used as a raw material for synthetic vitamin C in the pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used to make alkyd resin plasticizer and antifreeze. It is used in the production of toothpaste, tobacco, leather and ink as a water control agent. It can also be used as resin, explosive emulsifier, thickener, dispersant and antirust material.




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1. Quality
Our products meet MSDS safe standard and we have ISO and other certificate so yan can get high quality products from our company.

2. Price
We are the company which is the joint of trade and industry so we cao provide the competitive price and high quality product.

3. Packing
We can do according to the customers' request.

4. Transport
The products can be transported by Courier, by air or by sea.

5. Service
We offer specialized logistic service including export declaration,customs clearance and every detail during shipment,this makes us able to offer you one-stop service from the order to the products transported to your hand.



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Company Information


QingdaoxigemaCHEMICAL Co., Ltd is is a global chemical industry manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals and intermediates, food and feed additives, herbal extracts, agrochemicals and fine chemicals etc.
The aim of  xigema is a quality policy that"Elements in the system all have been satisfied, Personnel has been trained; Every batch of material is checked, Each procedure guarantees the quality; Every bag of our products is top grade, Service is thoughtful all the time, quality and reputation to increase market share and promote enterprise development. The quality, colors and forms of our products have reached a high level in related chemical industry, which relies on characteristic and advanced processing technology and it has gained a high and reliable reputation from customers at both quality and services.
 xigema has become the"Top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies","Top 20 of global agrochemical sales". xigema  has 21 subsidiaries and holding companies.






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